Between March and June 2017, Paesaggi Migranti organized an artist residency and international workshop in Pennabilli.


We asked 5 artists to develop different projects around the topic of the floating mountains. 5 key actions were proposed, to experience the

landscape surrounding Pennabilli which represented the background for the project development: observing, crossing, listening and telling.


20 participants from all over the world

were selected to join the workshops and were invited in Pennabilli in June 2017.

Public Nature /Floating Mountains, May 2017

Place-making collaborative actions and performances in Parco Begni.

Pennabilli is a town full of surprises, in which Parco Begni appears to be a forgotten empty terrain

Fragments /Floating Mountains, May 2017

Brick stones mapped and collected in Marrecchia and Senatello River.

A jump into nature in search for traces of human presence in natural landscape.

Fragments /Floating Mountains, May 2017

Mikael Hansen: Portal. Special mentions to Giacomo Moretti, Matthieu Rossault, Luca Fucili.


Framing a landscape that is constantly moving.

Printing Landscapes /Floating Mountains, May 2017

Canvas processed with guado pigments, clay and stones taken from Sasso Simone and Marrecchia River.

The valley is a paradise where to learn about and experiment with dyeing techniques and colours.