Research /Floating Mountains, 2015-16

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The Floating Mountains are a constellation of rocks that floated through the years and gave origin to most of the villages of the Valmarecchia Valley, located in the central Appennines in Italy. A single geological event has profoundly directed the history of this territory, highlighting the relationship between human and environment and shaping the idea of a migrant landscape.


This phenomenon gave origin to many urban centres that favoured the construction of a dense network of transport routes and that made this territory a focal point for The Renaissance in Italy.

Among these fragments there are the Sasso Simone and Simoncello, sacred mountains since the time of the Etruscan; the Titano Mount where the San Marino Republic rose, San Leo, the ancient Mons Feretrious from which originated the Montefeltro name, Verucchio, the cradle for Villanovian culture and, on the west side,

This is what we asked to people, following the guidelines of the European Landscape Convention, that puts the uniqueness and singularity of perception at the core of its definition.


Asking for directions means, first of all, to imagine, to search for reference points, to question. And this is the starting point to talk about landscape, to understand the way we live places and how to respond to their criticalities, how to build truly resilient communities.