Call for Camera Obscura /Floating Mountains, June 2016

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In 2016 Paesaggi migranti realized 5 key actions to experience the landscape, made for the audience of the festival “Artisti in Piazza”. A camera obscura,

realized with a call for projects (that received 35 projects from 10 different countries) led people “see”, dedicating time in the camera obscura

before the image appeared. A night walk led participants know historical facts, curiosities and natural perceptions of the places around the town. A

soundscape performance led the audience hear a collection of field recordings and snappet of interviews taken to the inhabitants, and a storytelling

workshop led children tell stories about floating mountains.

Argentique is the project winner from our Call for Camera Obscura, that we built in May for the visitors of the perfoming arts festival Artisti In Piazza, together with four other attractions.

Selected Projets /Floating Mountains, June 2016

We received more than 50 projects form architects and designers from all over the world. Her's a

first selection of our favourite proposals.

Construction /Floating Mountains, June 2016

One of the main struggle of the site was the height of the Roccione, which made hard the transport and the assembly of the structure, firstly tested off-site.