Actions /Floating Mountains, June 2016

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Night Walk

Land artist and environmental expert of the Valley, his project is a research on the landscape and on the presence and meaning of brick debris moving through the surrounding Marecchia Valley.

Soundscapes Performance

Acclaimed land artist from Malmö who spent most of his life in a natural environment, Mikael's project aims to frame and expalain the meaning of floating mountains with a very simple and suave intervention.

Storytelling Workshop

Designer and maker based in Eindhoven, Nele loves to test natural processes dyeing techniques and using local resources. The project wants to go to the source of landscapes and materials and capture their fluidity.

Paesaggi Migranti (Migrant Landscapes) took its first steps in 2015, aiming to discover the Valmarecchia Appennines, in order to promote a public debate around landscape through research and art languages and activating participatory processes.